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Carbon Steel Knives

Carbon steel knives are usually high above stainless knives in all aspects when properly tempered and hardened – except their tendency to rust. None of the stainless knives is actually stain-free, it just takes much more time for them to rust. Carbon knives, when properly cared about, often serve for decades!

KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knife

KA-BAR carbon steel knife

Very famous fixed blade knife made by famous KA-BAR company. This knife is made of 1095 Cro-van steel with a leather handle. The blade is 7 inches long. Don’t forget that it comes with a nice sheath!

Advantages of carbon steel knives

What is the main advantage of a carbon steel knife over the one made from stainless steel? Carbon blades are usually harder which can be useful in dozens of situations. On the other hand, they are a little easier to break as they are less flexible and are more brittle and they have a tendency to rust. Just make sure to wipe your knife down with a cloth – or even better oil cloth to prevent rusting (Do it after each use).

Knives made of carbon steel do not need to be sharpened often, they stay sharp longer than stainless steel knives.