Girl knife

Best pocket knives for girls

It seems that the knife industry is mostly guy oriented. Well, statistically, guys search for and purchase knives much more often than girls.

What are the differences between EDC knives for men and women?

There are none, of course! When it comes to knives, there are no differences. The only thing to consider is, the size of the handle – girls might prefer smaller handles or lighter knives overall. Go check out our top EDC knives.

Anyway, if by “knife for a girl” you meant a knife in colors not usually preferred by men, we’ve got you covered. Here comes a shower of pink knives for you! In fact, I do own one pink EDC knife, just for the unusual color. It’s fun taking it out when camping with friends, surrounded by all those black and camouflage designs 🤣

Kershaw Pink Leek Knife

Pocket knife for girls


As pink as it gets! High-quality knife from famous knife manufacturer brand Kershaw. The blade is made of quality 14C28N stainless-steel and is 3″ long. Being made of 14C28N means it’s very sharp and can be resharpened easily. A closed knife is 4″ long and weighs 3 oz. Knife opening is super fast thanks to speedsafe opening system. This knife includes a pocket clip to be easy to – you guessed it right – carry wherever you go.

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MAGNUM Alice Pocket Knife

Magnum woman knife

This is a Milka Cow of knives, but in pink.

Eye-catching for sure, girls in my household love the design. Made of strong 440 Stainless steel (blade). It features a popular Liner Lock mechanism which is both fast and comfortable. The overall length of the opened knife is 7 7/8″ with a weight of 4.1 oz.

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Boker Cruel Girl

girl knife


Very nicely designed and partially serrated EDC knife with “Cruel Girl” engraved on the blade which is made of high-quality AUS-8 stainless steel. The handle is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon. This knife features a lanyard hole and pocket clip for truly easy carrying. The knife is 7 1/8″ long when opened, blade length is 3″. The whole knife weighs only 1.5 oz. The blade is opened via a simple backlock mechanism.

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