KA-BAR US Marine Corps Review

The US Marine Corps Full-Size Straight Fighting Knife by Ka-bar is one of the more popular survival knives available. It comes with a basic design and is made in the US (knife) and Mexico (leather sheath). Additionally, its pattern resembles the blade carried out through WWII and is currently in use by men in uniform serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and other regions worldwide. Before buying one, finding out more info about the product is best.


About the Product

The US Marine Corps Full-Size Straight Fighting Knife by Ka-bar is a survival knife brought to you by experienced craftspeople for precise and skillful outdoor use. It has a razor-sharp edge, full tang, and drop point. In addition, since it was produced by KA-Bar, a trusted name known for hard-core all-purpose utilities and survival knives, you can rely on that it has undergone the best manufacturing processes.

Specs, Pros & Cons

  • Specs
    • 7” blade length; 11 & 7/8” overall length
    • .70 lbs. in weight
    • 1905 Cro-Van Steel
    • Clip shape
    • Flat grind
    • Leather handle
    • With USMC stamp
  • Pros
    • Built for heavy use
    • Can be sharpened with almost any big rock
    • Can withstand great lateral stress
    • Easy to carry, lightweight, and handy (can be worn on the hip)
    • Enhanced steel toughness
    • Ideal for delicate tasks
    • Non-corrosive
    • Processed for optimum blade performance
    • Strong and durable
  • Cons
    • A bit expensive compared to other survival knives(costs at least $65.00)
    • Not foldable

This knife is well known and one of the most useful EDC knives. It’s definitely not for everyone because it’s a fixed blade. While others purchase it for its fine design, most prefer it for its outstanding value. With it being multi-purpose,
it tops the rest in its category.
It can be of assistance when you need to stab fish or any food source, dig, hunt, poke or pry, make shelter, cut wood and large logs, drill, flip strips of meat when cooking over an open flame, and accomplish just about any task in the wild. Since it is made with superior quality, it is a perfect tool for war veterans, marine, soldiers, and people who want to increase their chances of outdoor survival.